GAME*Spark's whole body special article attention ranking! Zelda BOTW RTA special feature, hidden game exploration of less than 10 reviews in Steam, etc.

Introducing the response in a week special article ! GAMESpark's original original planning/manga/play report will be delivered in a ranking format. The ranking is based on the number of articles accessed in the survey period of July 29, 2022-August 4, 2022 *.

GAME*Spark Special Article Ranking

10th place Dark Melhin RPG developer interview. A ruined search survival depicting the world after the destruction. Fantasy RPG that is free [Weekly Spaan 7/22 ~]: 30 Pt.


Just look at the topic of the game industry for a week!

9th place [Manga Jangma] 330. Volume of Super Romeko: 35 Pt.

GAME*SPARK original 4-frame serial comic Jangma, which depicts a friendly and friendly everyday life of a shooter girl, a little comical and slapstick. Romeko brought strong equipment for cleaning the pool. I will fulfill my responsibilities as a sweeper.

8th place Protect the base from a large amount of zombies! CO-OP compatible Tower Defense FPS officially released-freshly collected! Today's STEAM feature 11 selections [July 29, 2022]: 51 Pt.

Place turrets, discharge fences, land mines, etc. and endure until the morning comes!

7th place The free open world RPG without a level cap is officially released-freshly collected! Today's Steam Featured Game [August 2, 2022]: 55 Pt.

You can build your favorite house or town in your favorite place. It is said that the more you leave the starting point, the higher the resource tier and the more difficult it is.

6th place CO-OP compatible Tower Defense FPS Blood and Zombies that protects the base from a horde of zombies BLOOD AND ZOMBIES Japan, Hong Kong, New York Fortressed fortress [Special Repo]: 70 Pt.

Customize your equipment and skills with the money you earn, and set up traps and turrets. Compatible with multiplayer with up to four players.

5th place Let's find a hidden famous store that no one knows! I searched for a game with less than 10 reviews on Steam: 78 pt.

I want something unusual, but you say. Let's play the buried games!

4th place Contemporary city construction sim URBEK CITY BUILDER-Not only Sim City 2000, but also the influence of THEY ARE BILLIONS and ISLANDERS, [Developer Interview]: 90 Pt.

The stage is set in the city of Latin America.

3rd place Stray The cat's death is sad, but it's sad that humans die. Why is an impressive parting born? [Kitten screenshin]: 133 Pt.

STRAY, which has been revealed that the cat is too cute or watch out for the screen when the game is over... I will roughly consider this phenomenon.

2nd place [RTA Special] The Legend of Zelda BOTW 100%Clear RTA, 16-hour cut areas. What is the revolution brought by the 999 proliferation bugs: 176 pt.

The complete clear of that masterpiece was achieved in the 15 hours range. We are approaching the history of the discovery of the Zelda Botw RTA community, which has changed to impossible.

1st place Overseas Review High Score Xenoblade 3-It can strongly assert that it is a masterpiece of modern JRPG: 281 Pt.

For Nintendo Switch, we will deliver a Metacritic overseas review of Xenoblade 3 released on July 29.

The first place is the new RPG Xenoblade 3 overseas review high score , which was released on July 29. The characters, stories, and battles were all highly rated, and there were also reviews that are addictive, especially in battle.

The second place is a commentary article ** that delves deeper into the RTA scene of Zelda's Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. The real-time attack of Zelda BOTW, which has been cleared at a tremendous speed of 15 hours 52 minutes 58 seconds... Introducing the background and technique that the record was realized. The writing of the article also cooperated with RTA runners in Japan.


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