Heaven Burns Red Steam version to August 10th distribution. Girls' daily life and the most sadness drawn by Jun Asae

PROPHESY Wright Flyer Studios announced on August 4 that the Hevumburns Red PC (Steam) version will be distributed on August 10. It is distributed to Japan and supports data linkage with the smartphone version and 4K resolution.

Heaven Burns Red is an RPG in which Wright Flyer Studios and Key plan and production, and Jun Asae works on the main scenario. On the earth, the stage of this work, human beings were in trouble due to the attack of a mysterious creature called a bean. The weapons that human beings have been developed so far are not applied to the cancer. Humanity loses to the cancer because the attack does not pass. Many land fell under the control of the cancer, and various countries disappeared through the battle.

Under such circumstances, humankind succeeded in developing a new weapon surf. Despite the difficulty of being able to handle only a girl with some kind of talent, the Seraph had the power to hit the cancer. Humans gather girls who can manipulate the Seraph and form a new Seraph unit. The battle between girls who bet on human survival was about to begin. The main character of this work, Tsuki Kinomi, is a genius vocalist who wrote lyrics and guitar and vocals in the legendary rock band SHE IS LEGEND. She, who became the leader of the 31A unit, will also be in the battle with the cancer.

The battle of girls who manipulate Seraph, including Tsuki Kaimori, is drawn in a turn-based command battle. Developed battles with the cancer using normal attacks and cool-time skills. If you defeat the three avant-garde out of the six parties as appropriate, you will win if you defeat the enemy with a buff, recovery, and powerful attacks.

Elements include so-called gacha elements where you can get the character style, and scenes that explore the field. Some in the game adopt a system that continues to go around with auto even while the app is closed. In addition, the main scenario of this work is CLANNAD and Little Busters! Jun Maeda, who has worked on the work, is in charge. A scenario like Jun Asae, such as a comedy part reminiscent of a beautiful girl game in the 00s and shakes his heart, is also a feature of this work.

This work was launched on February 10, 2022 for iOS/Android. In the PC (Steam) version scheduled to be distributed on August 10, screen display at 4K resolution is possible. It also supports data linkage with the smartphone version, and it seems that you can play on a smartphone outside and at home on a PC. From the point of view that the game data is linked, the Steam version will provide a common content as the smartphone version. If the data is taken over between different platforms, paid quartz cannot be transferred, and a paid quartz is left on the original platform. The paid quartz obtained by billing on iOS/Android cannot be brought to the Steam version.

The Heaven Burns Red PC (Steam) version is scheduled to be distributed on August 10. From August 10, Heaven Burns Red will also hold a half anniversary commemorative login bonus and a summer event Summer! Swimsuit! Tropical Festival!


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