How to get all chests in Tower of Fantasy Ruin A

There are several chests that you can get while you explore the world of Tower of Fantasy, but some may be more difficult to get, especially when you venture in a ruin. Therefore, if you have difficulties unlocking all chests in ruin A-03 We explain how you can acquire each of them.

How to get all chests in Tower of Fantasy Ruin A-03

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Ruin A-03 is an outstanding area within Astra, where you can fight enemies and get valuable resources in Tower of Fantasy. To access these elements, we will provide images of your locations and offer advice to help you with the process.

How to get the Ruinas chest n. ° 1

Source: Hotta Studio through chest

Once you enter ruin, OMNIUM HANDCANNNON will get a device that can help you access complex destinations. Players must use this mechanism to climb the great wall in the initial stages of this area.

You can see the green brightness of the first chest on the right side and unlock it to get some resources for your Tof trip.

How to get the ruins chest No. 2

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You will have to fight several enemies to get to the next chest in ruin A-03, inside a laser room. Players can only cross these defenses using their Handannnnon omnium to create a blockade for mortal rays.

Source: Hotta Studio through chest

With this method, players can pass safely and finally unlock the last chest of this ruin. However, you must still get out of this place using a useful trick and defeat a boss.

How to get out of ruin A-03

If you are trapped in the lasers and a mobile platform, you can use the Omnium Handannon once again to create a temporary shield, as shown here:

Source: Hotta Studio through chest

Players must jump on the creation of Omnium Handannon to avoid injuring the lasers and start the fight against Vulcan.


In the end, you will obtain additional rewards for completing the area and claiming materials to finish the task clean the A-03 in the traveler's registry.

We hope that this guide will help you in your mission of acquiring all the chests in ruin A-03 . While here, you can see more content on Tower of Fantasy looking at the relevant links below and exploring guides, such as finding strawberries, how to get infinite resistance to climb walls and how to get the magnetic rod.

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