Elden Ring bots of a soundtrack with a special video recording its composition

The soundtrack is also responsible for the identity charged by From Software, and Elden Ring would not be less. Seven months after its launch, Banzai NAMC publishes a brief video where we can see the recording of the compositions . A delight for lovers of Hideaway Miyazaki that you can reproduce in the head of this news.

The editor collaborated with the Budapest Film Orchestra to give a sound form to all moments through the intermediate lands. The orchestra w founded in 1988 and is established one of the referents of Etern Europe in collaboration with entertainment industry studies. In addition to Elden Ring, they worked in Outsiders, the Call of Duty saga, the Disney+ Loki series and Barbarians, from Netflix.

Elden Ring, from Software

ELDEN The success of Elden Ring is not born a result of chance: it is the result of more than a decade betting on a creative philosophy. To the controls Hideaway Miyazaki , a figure recognized by colleagues and players, which influenced the industry with the so-called Souls Like pect.

After Miyazaki, names are recognized by his trajectory in the study. Elden Ring's musical composition is the result of the joint work of five artists: Yuma Tamara, Tsuba Saith, Show Miyazawa, Shimi Judo and Tai Okinawa . For the first two there are plenty of introductions. Tamara and Saith have already been part of works such Dark Souls, Senior: Shadows Die Twice and Blood borne. Do you want to listen to the result? You already have Spotify, YouTube Music, Amazon Music or Apple Music, in this link you can go to your subscription platform where the complete Elden Ring band is located.

Remember that Elden Ring is available on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC. And if you are already playing it, here you can consult our extensive guide.