How to use VAMRITI in Genshin Impact

After completing the chain of Va run Agatha’s tasks, you will unlock a local task called Grounding of seedlings, which will invite you to visit the Tarantula Garden in Canaan. He will tell you about Gastritis, seeds from which you can grow healthy vicar. After you collect all the 12 VAMP, deciding children's puzzles, this is what you need to do with them in order to unlock the world task, which will complete the segment of Va run Agatha in the book of Arawak.

Для чего используются васмрити в Genshin Impact?

Having gathered 12 Gastritis, switch to the form of sleep banana. This segment will not work if you are in this Canaan, so do not forget to switch before going to the quest area. When you are ready, go to the area circled in the image below, and enter the cave to find the crossroads. Turn to the right Find the Frankly garden.

Then you need to place one parish in each of the nro-North. There are 12 of them, and you can place them in any order. Each varsities will turn into a sprout.

Having placed all the vast in the ground, Wait one day of real time or until the server reboots , and return to the garden. You will find that all seedlings have turned into vicar. Go to two arenas to start dialogue and complete the task. You unlock the achievement of Wonders of the World called when dreams bloom . Dendroculus will appear inside the Granada house, and you can start completing the latest local tasks that act as a continuation of Arena Agatha.

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