[Interview] 'Lonely' shining in a similar rogue genre

Recently, Loglike has been treated like Muan Single. You're making games with logic, so it's now similar to the past. This is a convergence. In the meantime, the 'lonely' of the indie development team Pepperstones Studio was very different in many ways. The unique mechanism of coloring the floor and activating the skill was noticeable. It is a loner who received a good evaluation in the last game scom. I've heard many talks about 'alone'.

■ How did you create a unique mechanism? Q. Please introduce a brief introduction to 'alone'.

The child who was abandoned by the world due to the illness of the color from the soles of the soles of the world was the main character, and one day, when the villain stole all the colors of the world, he realized that his disease was the power to defeat the villain. This is a story about the journey of adventure. Taking advantage of the concept of the protagonist, the title was built as a loner.

Q. It's unique, as well as the setting that paints on the soles of the feet are also colored. I don't think it's an easy material, but how did you make this game?

Inspired by the previous project. The previous project was a game of a system where different skills are triggered by brushing tiles, and there were many difficulties for us to develop. So while I stopped the project, I was wondering if this concept was not bad, but I thought about it.

** Q. The combat system is unique. I don't attack directly, but when I paint the floor, I think the interaction with the skills activated is the key.

There were many. It was actually because of the difficulty of implementing the project, but fortunately it was a little better when developing a 'alone'. And in my previous project, I was a programmer, but this time my fellow developer (co-representative) also became more easy to program. However, it is better than before.

I'm saying now, but the initial version was really ridiculous. I also heard a bitter criticism and said, Do you know that other developers don't make this much. If you make it at this level, it's better not to make it. I was a frog in the well, and I wanted to have been in my world. But this time, I was really happy to say that I was so good that I came back and played the game.

** Q. I couldn't help it even if I was shocked.

In fact, it was really a mess. The game itself was too unkind. In comparison with fighting games, at least any button is a fist and kick, you have to tell you what the basic command is, but you just throw it without it, and you have to throw it in the game room, and you have to learn to spend money in the game room.. It's not fun if the game is easy. It must have been like this. Still, thanks to that criticism, 'Lonely' seemed to be a better game.

** Q. If you see 'Lonely' getting a good response, I think it might have been able to achieve the previous project.

It was a difficult project to proceed all the time. It's a lot of mistakes, but if you have a problem, you've solved it as a temporary measure instead of solving it neatly. As a result, it was a project that was leaned on Huduk, but I think it would have been best to quit. It was very hard though. It was a project we pampered, but it was sentenced to death.

Q. As a result, I also participated in Game Scom. How is the reaction?

To be honest, I was very surprised at the interest of exceeding expectations. I participated in the B2B and had to be less interested in visitors, but the developers who passed by showed a lot of interest. And the developer who showed so interested to other developers and even introduced the publisher was that the atmosphere was completely different. Among them, I remember the most memorable, and I was very impressed with this to say this.

The ** Q. The title is also a story about the adventure that regains the color from the villain.

Everyone thinks so (laughs). It's a game with a cruel fairy tale, and it's often said that the reality is more cruel. In that sense, I will show you the story and ending that overturns expectations.

Q. At first, I thought it was an artwork and a horror game.

There are a lot of people who think so. It feels like the protagonist is bleeding and I think so more because it is close to black and white. It's called a cruel fairy tale, but it's not that cruel, so don't worry.

Q. How much is the playtime of the game.

It is expected to take 5-6 hours to ending with difficulty. If it's an indie game, it's often a playtime, but it's a bit unfortunate. So I want to guarantee some playtime.

Q. Except for some explanations such as items and skills, there is no dialogue. Is there a reason for this?

In the fairy tale book, there are things that explain only in pictures, and 'Lonely' wanted to make the most of the feeling as it was based on cruel fairy tales. That's why the story is also trying to make it just by just looking at it.

In some ways, it's also a stubbornness, but I'm continuously challenging to try to do this. Of course, it is hard to explain it as a picture, so it's hard to say, but this time, I play at the BIC 2022 site.

Q. When can I meet you?

Currently, I am looking for publishers and good investments. In September, the Tokyo Game Show and in November will show a better 'alone' in G-Star. Since then, the goal is to launch Steam Early Access and release it in February-March next year.