Pokémon Go wants your following adventure to be with a partner

Excellent pals can help you catch various other Pokémon throughout conferences and also find items useful for you. The finest buddies will certainly wear a bow to happily reveal just how close you are as well as will certainly provide you a Computer boost in combat as long as they are your designated Pokémon good friend.

In addition to all this, you and your friends can fulfill your pals in a shared ar experience setting. This brand-new setting will allow you to integrate with various other trainers and utilize AR + to take group photos of your buddies.

The pal's account page will certainly also obtain an upgrade and will show you your partner's development towards Candy's search, his state of mind, a table of activities that your boyfriend likes to do as well as your boyfriend. You can also see the story of all your buddies and also the adventures you have actually had together.

Ni antic today has actually announced a new twinning system that will certainly show up in the video game in 2020. This implies that your Pokémon will currently show up at hand in the game, and also you can connect on your own with them and enhance your boyfriend. Playing with your Pokémon, providing them deals with, checking out and winning battles will certainly help you raise your level of contact as well as develop a much better web link with your Pokémon.

_ Pokémon Godesires your next adventure to be with a buddy.

Terrific buddies can assist you catch other Pokémon throughout conferences and also locate objects helpful for you. Ultra Buddies will certainly give you helpful hints to interesting locations nearby as well as will also bring you memories that can be complied with on your close friend's profile page. The finest buddies will put on a ribbon to happily reveal just how close you are as well as will give you a Computer boost in fight as long as they are your appointed Pokémon good friend.


I am surprised by the variety of Pokémon I fell in love with them by connecting with them, stated Laura Detector, a video game designer in principle, in the blog site on the update. Like seeing an Goalie roll behind me on the card... I simply care regarding Pokémon like never before.

Considering that the launch of Pokémon Go, this is perhaps the most collaborative performance we have had with The Pokémon Company, stated Route Hired, Ni antic item supervisor. Even with your phone in your pocket, you will certainly have the impact that your boyfriend is right beside you.

Pals can have four various levels, which will certainly open up brand-new features as well as advantages. When you feed Pokémon berries, transforming them right into Reward Friend, they will certainly join your personality on the map. You can also see how they feel on the close friend's profile page.