Transfer certificate: Just how do BVB, FC Bayern, FC Schalke 04 and also Co .

The quantity of the record summer 2019 with expenditure of simply over 700 million euros was plainly not attained this time around.

Due to the fact that of the less cuts via the Corona pandemic, Money moved a lot more in the German Oberhaus once more this summer.

Which club did his workers homework specifically well? That intimidates substantial flop threat? Currently vote as well as all Bundesliga clubs grade at the huge BVB - transfer certification!

The transfer window in the Bundesliga is closed, FC Bayern, BVB, FC Schalke 04 as well as Co. have completed their planning.

FC Bayern and also BVB in 2th and First location

As in both previous years, they even produced a plus with revenue of a good 520 million euros.

Transfer crescent of the Bundesliga IST-how ought to it be different-the FC Bayern. The document champs spent practically 140 million euros in new gamers, however additionally took more than 100 million euros with sales.

The BVB spent at the very least 91 million euros (revenue of 79 million euros).

A clear trend can be seen: after around 270 million 2020 as well as nearly 400 million 2021, the 18 clubs now spent practically 480 million euros on new footballers.

million plus for FC Schalke 04


Third in the transfer table is RB Leipzig. The Saxons let their novices to national gamers Timo Werner-Knapp expense 60 million euros. The mug victor also tape-recorded a clear plus many thanks to sales of 75 million euros.

This likewise been successful in promoting FC Schalke 04, which, despite the return to the upper residence, might not make any type of large dives. New enhancements worth around 8 million euros were offset by departures for 16 million euros.

The Saxons allowed their novices to national players Timo Werner-Knapp cost 60 million euros. The cup victor even videotaped a clear plus thanks to sales of 75 million euros.

What quality have FC Bayern, BVB, FC Schalke 04 and also the other clubs gain in the previous modification window? Currently work with the huge BVB -transfer certification!

Currently vote and also all Bundesliga clubs grade at the big BVB - transfer certificate!


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