Where to find Clementine and her tips in Stray

STRAY Clementine is a member of the outsider faction, consisting of various robots with a unique appearance and character, who are trying to free themselves from the city of the dead. Its search is an integral part of the main storyline.

The next guide will help you find Clementine in the tramp.

where to find Clementine in Stray

You will meet Clementine twice in the game. You can find it for the first time after you get to the anthill through the sewer. Talk to Zbaltazar in the anthill, and he will give you a photograph of Clementine with symbols on the back. This is the key to the search for Clementine in the tramp.

Looking at these symbols, you will understand that they relate to the residential complex in Midtown. This residential complex is located next to the hairdresser in Midtown.

As soon as you get to this building, compare the characters in each apartment with a symbol on the back of the photo. As soon as you find an apartment with the same symbols, jump into a hole, and you will find Clementine.

Later in the game you will need to steal an atomic battery from the factory of a certain for Clementine. To find her for the second time, you need to return to her apartment.

Since the city is not in a state of increased readiness, the building is now full of robots who are looking for you. These robots have sensors if they see you, these sensors will become red, and the robot will shoot you with a laser, so act carefully.

Unfortunately, having reached her apartment, you will not find Clementine there, but she left an encrypted message. You must collect four tips together to decipher the message and find it.

Below are the locations of all four tips:

Hint No. 1: evaporator Go to the living room for evaporator on the table. Smoke will come from it.

Hint No. 2: Crystal In the same living room, use an open box to climb onto the shelf for healing crystal .

Hint No. 3: Road cone Go to the bathroom to find a broken mannequin with road cone instead of its head.

Hint No. 4: Law lamp Go to the kitchen to find an orange-blue lava lamp at the top of the shelf.

After you collect all the tips, you will find out that Clementine is located in the Midtown night club. The main entrance is protected, so you must choose an alternative route. You can enter the club through the window that you can get to, climbing through pipes and air conditioners.

Once inside, talk with the club’s bartender. He will tell you that someone took a lever. The robot that took on the lever is standing next to the robot in a red jacket.

He will tell you that he has a lever. He will give you a lever in exchange for a drink. You can find a drink on the edge of the bartender table.

Having received the lever, go to the DJ strut. There you will give the lever DJ, which will click it. This will allow you to get to the 2nd floor, where you will press the control elements in order to lower the ceiling lamps. To lower the light, you will need to press the right button, and then the left button.

Having muffled the light, now you can go to the VIP sections of the club where you will find Clementine.