After a knife strike: Mari stops working for a very long time, Monza requested the moving of the video game

The A/c Monza would have to prepare for the upcoming organization video game on Monday (8:45 p.m.) against Bologna. This is hardly feasible, as handling supervisor Adriano Gallant stated after a check-out to the medical facility. Every person from the team cried last night. Monza therefore asked the organization to postpone the game. A decision is still pending.


Mari realizes that he was still fortunate, in contrast to the deceased cashier, whose household and also close friends revealed his sympathy and also acknowledgements in support of his household, while he wished the remainder of the hurt, as quickly as possible to be recuperated.

Mari, however, has actually currently been operated as well as Monza confirmed that the 29-year-old would certainly be out for at the very least 2 months. In the afternoon, the Spaniard reported through Instagram and given thanks to for the excellent motivation that he had actually experienced. He himself is great according to the scenarios.

As Monza announced on Friday, Mari was hurt in his back in a 46-year-old grocery store from a 46-year-old supermarket from a 46-year-old Italian that reports, according to reports, and was then stabbed in the abdominal area and also back to the city health center with stab injuries in the abdomen and back Niggards was brought. In enhancement to Mari, the assassin additionally had five other individuals attacking-a 30-year-old cashier from Bolivia yielded to his injuries.

According to media reports, the attacker had been apprehended by the Carabiner, after he was additionally stated to have been relabelled himself by various other customer-intarunnies, Massimo Tarantino (51). According to preliminary knowledge, the protection authorities omitted a terrorist history of the act


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