All Destiny 2 materials that cannot be obtained in 19

When the 19th season will come in Destiny 2, expect big changes. The economy is subjected to overhaul, and the appointment materials change as never before have been in a shooter about looters. There is something to make out here, so let's delve into the details.

Destiny 2 Season 19 Changes

Starting from the 19th season, the master Rahul will now exchange 5000 shit for a stack of 20 destination materials. If the guard has less than 20 units of material for exchange, the price will be 250 shit per unit. Starting from the 19th season, this will be the only use of destination materials.

  • Twilight fragments
  • Macrophage data grille
  • Helium threads
  • Marion of the branch
  • Spin metal leaves
  • Ice Stella


Taking the destination materials Dark fragments , Ghost fragments and also here always . As for the purchase of objects such as improvement modules, impressions and offices of the Ascendant, the cost of appointing materials will completely disappear. Removing the appointment also means that the fashion-ghums of materialism disappear. A plentiful crop is also changed to receive additional shine when harvesting from resource nodes.

What does this mean for the actual nodes of resources scattered around the worlds? They will remain there, but instead of appointing materials, they will now give flicker, experience and reputation. Finally, for suppliers such as Debris Kay and Failsafe, the rank requirements will be completely removed.

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