Nexon held in November, 'Maple Story World' large conference 'MCI22'

[ Moon Byung-soo] Nixon (CEO Lee Dungeon) opened the official page of 'Maple Story World Creator Invitational (MCI22)' on the 11th, based on the meta bus platform 'Maple Story World'.

MCI22 is the first offline event of Maple Story World, which will be held at the Won Convention Center on November 26 and 27, and is free for any1. Maple Story World Creators have provided experiences and opportunities as a producer in various forms to build long-term collaboration, and to actively promote Maple Story World to general users.

On the first day, on the 26th, the Maple Story World Showcase, Keynote Speech and Developer Conference will be held. First, the showcase will be attended by Kim Darshan, Vice President of Nixon, director Shin Minsk, and Oh Shying. The session will be available on the official MCI22 official website by the 23rd.

Keynote speech and Tapestry World Developers, which invite external speakers to provide insights related to Maple Story World, will hold a developer conference that shares the experiences they have experienced while producing the platform.

On the 27th, the development support program of Maple Story World, 'Developer Wings 2022', will hold an event to introduce their world content and award excellent content. The Education Day, which allows you to experience the educational world created by Maple Story World, is also operating on the second day.

????EP.03 Nixon provides various entertainment by organizing an exhibition space where you can experience the contents of 'Maple Story World' during the MCI22 event. Here, you can play the world created by creators, including the representative world of Maple Story World, and leave memories in the photo zone of the Tapestry World background.

Maple Story World Showcases, Keynote, and Conference on MCI22 can be registered on the official website by November 23rd and participated in Nixon Cash. The exhibition zone in the MCI22 also provides additional benefits such as Nixon Cash (General Registration) or Nixon Computer Museum pop-up kit (parent registration) if you visit after pre-registration.

Nixon, meanwhile, will open the world of the same name for a limited time within the Tapestry World Platform to commemorate the MCI22. In the MCI22 World, various events will be presented by collecting hidden balloons everywhere to provide limited items or photo missions where you can take pictures with users.