PK prior to Spain video game Hansi Flick plainly addressed mistakes

Before the second group game of the German nationwide team at the World Cup in Qatar versus Spain (Sunday, 8:00 p.m.), nationwide coach Hansi Flick offered insights into the processing of the opening defeat. It is still doubtful whether Leroy Sané can be back on the pitch against the Bear Leroy Sané.

National coach Hansi Flick validated the violation of the essential World Cup group game with the concentrate on the y.

Ultimately, it was just crucial for us to reveal the gamers in all clearness what we did not do so well. Lugged, said Flick.

At journalism conference, the DFB ran the risk of a FIFA penalty before the last versus Spain. Contrary to the guidelines, no player existed.

We didn't wish to anticipate a gamer to do so long, there are nearly 3 hours in overall. Tomorrow is a very essential video game for us, so I said: I do it alone, said Flick at the press conference on Saturday in the worldwide libraries in Doha: In this important phase, players need to get ready for the training that we still have tonight.

Seine deployment against Spain open

Bavaria star Leroy Sané, who was missing versus Japan, might be back versus Spain.

With regard to the very first team against Spain, the nationwide coach stated: I am not unsure. A couple of positions are still open what speaks for the quality of the group. I still sleep over it for a night.

At Leroy we have to wait on the last training today. He will train along, which is pleasing, said Flick.

Which TV station broadcasts the FIFA World Cup video games 2022 live?

  • Magenta TV reveals all 64 games live, 16 of them exclusively (consisting of 2 round of 16 and a quarter-finals).
  • The ARD broadcasts 24 video games live, consisting of 2 group video games of the DFB team along with last round video games and the last.
  • The German group game against Spain works on ZDF, but likewise games of the groups F, G and H.

has FIFA's official media round on Saturday in the live blog. The most essential statements:

It's like we see this video game. The training team is likewise included when it comes to what was great and what was going terribly..

We likewise have right-back who can play there. There are numerous positions where I can still see one or the other alternative..

+++ Flick about your own mistake against Japan +++.

The nationwide coach welcomes the reporters present to journalism conference in the libraries in Doha. The 57-year-old will face your questions.

+++ FIFA Regulars: Fine when breaching +++.

+++ Flick via the defensive spots against Japan +++.

+++ The PK begins-not next to Flick +++.

The question of the world leaders will show the game on Sunday. Particularly these things are versus Spain.

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The defeat against Japan has actually exposed weak points on the offensive and the defensive. Since then, conversation has been excitedly discussed, although and how-hansi flick ought to alter the nationwide team. How can the nationwide coach fix the defense problems?

According to FIFA regulations, the teams are required to hold a press conference the day before with the head coach and a player. This guideline is tape-recorded in Article 44 of the tournament policies. It was again sent to the teams in a circular, as FIFA confirmed on Saturday. National coach Flick wishes to make the journey to the picked player-the DFB is now threatened with a fine.

+++ Flick over the offensive. And: Germany still comes from the top of the world? +++.

No, that doesn't matter at all..

Before the press conference: The DFB had hoped to be able to hold the last PK in its media center in Al-Shabab not far from the team hotel. The media center there is more than 100 kilometers from the German team quarters and training premises in the really north of Qatar.

The German Football Association (DFB) threatens a fine by the World Association FIFA. On Saturday, just national coach Hansi Flick will participate in the mandatory interview in the libraries in Doha prior to the video game against Spain. This was confirmed by the DFB on SID demand.

+++ Flick about possible sleep problems prior to the Spain video game +++.

+++ Flick over his first eleven +++.

I am not uncertain about the very first team. A couple of positions are still open to what speaks for the quality of the group.

+++ Flick travels alone for the PK penalty.

I think German football can take Spain from the training of the gamers as a good example. Otherwise, I am absolutely delighted with the group that I can care for. We will see a team tomorrow who understands what it has to do with and who will try whatever to leave the door to the round of 16 on the last match day..

Due to the removal of the team quarters in the really north of Qatar to the capital, the DFB wished to hold journalism conference on the training area in Al-Shabab. A matching advance was not heard at FIFA.

+++ Flick over Spain as a model +++.

So Flick went on the roughly one-hour drive on Saturday without player accompaniment. Then he hurries back the very same route to be back at the team in Al-Shabab in time for the final training session (5.30 p.m. CET).

We have a lot of scenarios where the gamers come together and talk about football in the hotel. It is important and essential that we understand what we have not done so well.

+++ Flick about memories of Spain video games +++.


+++ does national coach Hansi Flick change the DFB group? +++.

We simply don't desire to anticipate a player to drive that long. We have an important game tomorrow. All players from 1 to 26 are important, they must prepare for training in this important phase.

Carried, stated Flick.

Eventually, it was merely important for us to show the players in all clarity what we did not do so well. Gotten involved because it is important that she also acknowledges it.

I was there in numerous video games versus Spain, in 2008 or 2010. Tomorrow we desire to defeat Spain..

+++ media rounds increase over 100 kilometers away from the DFB district +++.

Of course it was not enough for the top. We want to prevent it from being the same this time. It is the very first last for us at this World Cup..

+++ Flick about the reality that Germany has not hit a leading team at a tournament given that 2016 +++.

+++ national coach Flick about Luis Enrique +++.

+++ Flick about the state of mind in the squad +++.

The quality that the 2 currently have at this age is great. Both are extremely well-trained, both have taken a great advancement at Barcelona in the previous two years and have now found their regular location in the national team..

For me, the focus is on how I want to play football. I am encouraged of the concept that we desire to play football. It is important to tackle this game versus Spain with guts and belief..

He has shaped a young team with a wonderful quality. You can guess what kind of quality this team. Banquets is the heart of the team..

+++ Flick over Gimmick, Gunboat and Gretzky together in midfield +++.

+++ Flick over the offensive. On Saturday, just nationwide coach Hansi Flick will take part in the mandatory press conference in the media center in Doha before the game against Spain. Given that then, discussion has been eagerly discussed, although and how-hansi flick needs to alter the nationwide group. National coach Flick desires to make the journey to the chosen player-the DFB is now threatened with a fine.

+++ Flick on non-soccer topics in the team +++.

+++ Flick over Gave and Pedro +++.

+++ nationwide coach Flick on the reasons that no gamer speaks +++.

+++ Flick over the noise at the World Cup +++.

I am looking forward to this video game. We don't have the finest prerequisites, but we also know that we have qualities to win this video game.

+++ national coach Flick about the Spain game +++.

I think it is one against one for both teams, ultimately in every position. It is vital tomorrow that we will be able to win the battles and to show the very best possible efficiency. Spain is a team that is a group that The 4-3-3 always plays, comparable to Barcelona, and that has their clear automatism despite the system. We have a strategy and hope that he will open tomorrow..

+++ Flick by means of the choice with Gimmick right behind +++.

That can also be, rather. We can now play all business video games here. These are all 3 outstanding players who can also play all three in the middle, without question..


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