[Review] Victoria 3, Intellectual Play for History

The Swedish game distributor, which is often called paradox interactive, is a 'paradox', is a publisher with a fairly clear direction in the present age of comprehensive distributors who deal with all kinds of games. The genres of games they are mainly distributed are often based on 'simulator' and its materials.

Sometimes, like the City: Skyline, it's a bit different, but many of the paradox's games are a big strategy simulator with a certain time, and the basis of the game is quite similar except for some elements. The difference between the series is about what time you deal with.

According to the trend of the times, 'Crusaders', which deals with the Middle Ages from the 10th century, 'Europa Universalism' set in the backdrop of the fall of the Renaissance and Napoleon, and after the first war after the Napoleon defeat to It leads to 'Victoria' and the last 'Hearts of Iron', which depicts the second war.

As such, 'Victoria 3' is not so amazing for gamers who have been playing new paradox games. For this reason, today's reviews are somewhat different from different perspectives. At the point of view of medium gamers who often play AAA-class games that they often play online games, who are almost unknown about the existing paradox games.

Game name : Victoria 3 (Victoria 3) Genre Name : Simulator/Great Strategy release date : 2022. 10. 25. Review : 1.0 | Developer : Paradox Development Studio Service : Paradox Interactive Platform : PC Play : PC


In the age of their own peace,

As mentioned earlier, the era of Victoria 3 is quite clear. From 1836 to 1936, it's just 100 years. If you are interested in world history, as you know, this is called 'Be Epoch'. Literally, it means 'beautiful time'.

Of course, it was not as beautiful as I thought. It was a time when all kinds of noise were created as a side effect of indiscriminate colonial expansion since the ages of the opposition, and as the industrial revolution occurred, the children's labor problems and extreme rich and poor gaps were caused.

Fortunately, there was no distinctive stronger except for the UK on the world order that was reorganized after the seven-year war in the mid-18th century, and during this period, Britain turned to Europe and sold opium to the Qing Dynasty. Peace continued. In the shadow, it is the age of Victoria 3, which is the time when we have strengthened our strength and enjoyed peace and cultural development on the outside.

However, all of this is just the position of the European Powers, which were the strongest people of the time. The time of Victoria 3 is reflected on the surface, but it was more irrational. Racism was so widespread that there was no concept, and the colored race was treated close to things, and East Asia was just a hog for their point of view.

Currently, there is a separate content in the alternative history web novels that are distributed on the market. The story of becoming a king of Jose on and reforming the country is rooted. I eat it.

As you play the game, you will realize why these are the content of the novel. Like most Korean gamers, I chose Jose on. Making a weak country into a great country in the game requires great skill and experience. It is just the weakness of the weak nation that gamers will feel for the first time in hope.

This country does not do anything without me


In Victoria 3, the role of gamers is the head of the state leading the state, but in fact, he is in charge of the prime minister or the award-winning position. The problem is that in general, gamers must handle all the private things that will not be touched.

In general, in the national administrative process, or no organizational, there is no one with a small 1. Most of their work are the presentation of the overall direction of the overall direction and the approval or rejection of what the sub-agency proposed. But 'Victoria 3' does not. You have to do it alone to politics, diplomacy, resource management and combat, administrative power for each region, and induction of development.

Of course, it is the advantage of being able to create the ideal country I want. It can monopolize certain natural resources and become an international gangster with a weapon, or sell opium and make the whole country into a cartel. It can be aimed at a technical powerhouse by focusing on intermediary trade, or a great industrial product producer with a wide land, or a voluntary banana republic for climate and soil.

The problem is that there are so many things to consider making this 'I want the country'. Like paradox's games, Victoria 3 is also a great game. To be precise, it is not too difficult to understand the game, but this 'understanding process' is too long and tough for beginner gamers.

For example. In order to play in Jose on and become an East Asian hegemony, we must win the status of the 'approval station' that can be a diplomatic partner of the same relationship with the powers. To do this, we have to build a national prestige and win the war with the great power. It means that you need to be stronger and be recognized.

However, Jose on, embodied in the game, is very strong from this 'strengthening process'. As mentioned later, there is a messy part of the testimony, so it is difficult to supply fertilizer and gunpowder, so it is difficult to supply fertilizer and gunpowder, and the administrative power is open at the time of the game, and the market is not well received, and the tax is not well received. Too expensive. You have to focus on building social infrastructure by selling pottery and caring cars and caring for the historical flow.

All this process takes a long time, and it continues endlessly. To be an approval country, you have to fight war, war and doctrine studies must be preceded, and you need to buy or assemble weapons. You need to raise engineers to work, and you need to supply steel, sulfur, and machine tools for production. You have to buy it again without this process.

In the meantime, it is necessary to ride in line between intellectuals, religious people, Yang ban class, and landlords, and when developing generous iron light, accidents burst, workers are angry, or child labor problems are causing all kinds of accidents. Follow. Somehow, if you want to go through the infrastructure and become stronger, this girl does not have rubber and oil. Why is the position selection of this country as a mess, I felt that I had to see the Korean peninsula in the game without a rubber tree.

In this process, the game requires gamers for a significant amount of common sense and judgment. How to manage resource, how to perform diplomatic wars in the process of war, what direction the national policy should have, how to balance the political forces to prevent civil war, and who of countless external forces Believe it, all gamers must decide who to stay away from.

And the way of playing like this is a two-sided look that is more than thought.

A world that can be more fun but more fun

As such, the game called 'Victoria 3' is enough to give a catharsis to lead a country by embodying a variety of fields in the whole country, but there are so many gaps to express the world in detail.

First, unlike the 'Crusaders King', which is set in some areas, and the Hearts of Iron, which deals only with war parties and support countries, it is quite low in detail as it deals with all countries in the world. As mentioned earlier, it is not easy to match the industrial system based on gunpowder because there are no sulfur on the Korean Peninsula, which was a pretty good sulfur mountain, and Jose on is not a Confucian thought, but a country with Dressing Buddhism as a state religion. Make the spirit of gamers with you.

If I was a Korean because I was a Korean, I felt this error, so many countries that have not become the main characters of the times have similar problems.

The fact that the direction of the game is focused on 'operation' is also a part of the disagreement. Victoria 3 is a game that is possible to war, the last means of diplomacy, but in fact, the war is not so easy, and the war is not visually revealed. I can only see the troops and enemy troops I have become a number.

If you think about romantic, it's a grim leader who sees a person's life in numbers, but it's not like that, and it's just visual. The direction of the game is set in the direction of pursuing a totally different market and economic advantage from the territorial acquisition, armed merger, and the construction of the Great Empire. The satisfaction of gamers is a stretchy trade surplus, a number of green numbers, and a leading table.

If you summarize these small regrets, you can say: 'This game can be more fun'. If you keep playing the game, these parts will notice. If you have paid more attention to this system, you can see the small flaws that if you have trimmed this interface a little more comfortably. The big frame was made nicely, but the ingredients that filled it up still lacked? Perhaps it might have been hoping to be completed in mode, but I will leave it as a personal idea.

It cannot be a game for everyone

One thing to think about is that this game is difficult and not difficult at the same time. The reason why this contradictory sentence is established is that this game also retains the 'Hard Two Run', which is characterized by most of Paradox's games.

Although I explained the difficulties I experienced when I ran 'Jose on', 'Chosen' in the game is a very easy-to-play country. There is no difference in culture in the country, and there is no cultural conflict, and there is a lot of population than the narrow land, and there is a CIBIL Hill called the Qing Dynasty, so if you do not try to escape from the shadow of the Qing Dynasty, you can play without a big threat until the middle. However, this is a word for gamers who have grasped how the game is going to work.

Gamers who first started the game are the complex interfaces and huge amounts of type, which is difficult to say that it's hard to say. Politically


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