Streamer suffers live racism in a restaurant and is speechless

Having to ban the racists of your Twitch chat is one thing, but when insults are in real life is more complicated and finding out how to react in front of the camera is even more. While the IRL streams where you walk the streets or relax at home are becoming increasingly popular, streamers are also exposing themselves.

Racism in McDonald's

Extremely is more used to the Speed run video game than to be insulted in public, but it was a situation she had to face during a relaxed life in New York.

Streamer, formed by Columbia University in the same city, was transmitting IRL at McDonald's and talking calmly with its Twitch chat before the wild interruption of another client, performing without prior request in the camera field.

Still without asking for the opinion of the streamer, the woman, therefore, begins to go directly to the chat, says hello from California before specifying I don't know if it's any kind of Chinese or Japanese bullshit, but AAAA.


A risk for Streamers IRL

After this comment laden with widespread racism, Emily had a little difficulty finding the words and was content with a ok. Cool before a forced laugh.

The story generated controversy on the networks, and although Emily has not spoken on the subject on her Twitter, the clip reached no less than 100,000 views, and many returns on Reddit.

A mixture of surprise and discomfort for many who leaves doubts about streamers' safety in this type of environment. A non-invited person may well invade a stream and say punishable things on Twitch.