How to unlock mods in the game Marvels Midnight Suns

While most of the pleasure from Marvel Midnight Suns comes on the battlefield, the adaptation of your beloved heroes to your combat needs is a funny side function of the main action. In each battle, you will take three heroes with you, each of which will have a constantly growing number of cards to choose to fill their personal decks. As soon as you get to a 20-day mark, you will begin to get the opportunity to change some of these cards. Here we will talk about how to unlock modes in Midnight Suns from Marvel.

how to unlock modes of Marvels Midnight Suns cards

Changing cards is made into a forge by interacting from an anvil in the abbey. Here you will need to explore blood, sweat and tears, a research project of the sixth level (therefore you will need to wait until about the 20th day to make it available). To unlock it, you also need to perform six sorties with Blade. As soon as the research project is completed, you will receive an improvement in a yard called the crucible. It costs 300 loans to build in the yard, but after that you can modify certain cards.


To do this, go to the yard (where Blade often stands, behind the western exit from the abbey at the training ground). Interact with a sword in stone and choose improvements to the yard. Add the crucible that will make the modes of abilities are available on the menu. The card should be updated (by combining two copies of the same card) before you can modify it. The use of mods of abilities is both loans and essence corresponding to the type of improved card. After you pay for the cost, you will receive a choice of modifiers for use. As soon as the card is changed, it will be displayed from the Golden Star in the upper left corner. Later you can pay again to change any added modifier, and you can also have more options when you do it. But each card can have only one mod. Do you love Midnight Suns from Marvel? Check out additional guidelines here in games for professionals, including Midnight Suns shafts are the best brothels for all heroes and How the Midnight Suns cup work.


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