J.K. Rowling Responds To Boycotters Of Harry Potter Game With A Scorching Diss

Hogwarts Legacy is close to its release date and game feedback is being very positive. The vast majority of Potter heads have already pre-registered a game because they dreamed of embodying their own wizard and exploring the game, but other netizens are much more rigid compared to J.K. Rowling and the shares she could receive with the sale the title.

JK Rowling's controversy

Unsurprisingly, the famous author of Harry Potter's novels has been drastically to fall dramatically and got involved in controversies.

If you are not inside, check out this article. Many fans still support her, but some of her comments are considered transphobic and convinced netizens that they should no longer help her to take advantage of the franchise she created. From then on the famous boycott began to the game, because buying the game would equivalent to finance the words of J.K. Rowling, giving you credibility. Obviously, this article is not here to say who is right or wrong, but simply to explain where the famous drama around Rowling comes from and why she recently talked about it.


Rowling responds to the boycott Avalanche software had already explained that J.K. Rowling was not at all involved in the development of Hogwarts Legacy (and that the customization of the avatar will be inclusive), this was not enough to avoid the boycott of the title. With the proximity of its release, many netizens are doing their best to convince fans and future players not to buy the game or ask for a refund. A particular tweet caught the attention of the author, Jessie Earl, a well-known content creator. She states: I would not blame anyone for enjoying past works or objects they already have and that comfort them. I myself have the first 9 movies and 7 books. But any support for something like Hogwarts Legacy is harmful. JK Rowling then allowed himself to answer: deeply disappointed by @jessiegender not realizing that pure thinking is incompatible with possession of anything related to me, anyway. The truly virtuous would not burn not only their books and movies, but also to Local liary, anything related to owls and their own pet dogs. Not stop there, because the writer chain another response to a user who said Yes, do not transmit the game, do not buy Harry Potter goods, do not buy the game. Here is J.K. Rowling: And about that, I'm shocked. This individual is really defending the reading of the books because 'no one will know'. It's okay until you get drunk and accidentally quote it.


I have never done it in public won't save you when the police come to your huffy such socks. Summing up the situation: JK Rowling is surprised to see that certain boycotts, convinced that she is transphobic, finds it normal to read the books because they have appreciated past, but that it is not suitable to buy a game in which she has not participated in production. A controversy that grew up in high proportion and showed that many people supported Jessie and the trans community, while other netizens support Rowling.


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