The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt: Neuer Hotfix des Next-Gen

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is one of the most beloved RPGs of all time, and with the Next-Gen update, players can now experience the game in even more stunning detail. But there have been some issues with performance that have led to a new hotfix being released. Find out what this patch entails and how it will help improve the gaming experience for players!

PC players have been complaining about the latter for days. Even with high-performance hardware, some players from The Witcher 3 Next Gen update were faced with irritating jerking or perhaps unavoidable crashes.

With a brand-new hotfix for the next gene update from The Witcher 3, the developers desire to guarantee more stability and much better efficiency.

The Witcher 3: The Next-Gen-Update is now assisted

As various players report on Reddit and likewise under the Twitter post for the Hotfix, the patch for the next gene upgrade from The Witcher 3 have at least partly solved the issues for them. Others, in turn, explain that they would have the ability to find little distinctions if at all. Some of them would not have been lucky at all. The most significant development is likely to be discovered in the Origin version of the 3rd witch section anyway. This has actually now also been upgraded to the Next Gen edition.

As announced by the Global Community Director of CD Project Red, Marcin Moot, on Twitter, the start of the start that The Witcher 3s Next-Gen-Update brought with it are now on the collar. The two and three gigabyte-sized updates should generally guarantee more stability and an increased efficiency on the computer system.

If you are likewise thinking about what issues CD project Red currently has on the screen and what you are advised as potential shift options, you can quickly have a look at the main forum post.


We naturally played the next gene update of The Witcher 3 and describe our in-depth very first impression for you.

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