Linus Tech Tips Tests Tiny PC That Fits In The Palm Of Your Hand - Here's What He Found

Linus Tech Tips is among the most famous tech channels on YouTube.

He tried a tiny PC that costs around 160 euros. With the Pant era PICO PC Linus bought a small PC. According to the manufacturer, it costs around 160 euros in the cheapest variation. Linus is shocked at how well daily life can be mastered with the device-if you do not wish to play competitively. In our post we present you to the device and discuss what Linus believes about it.

Mini-PC counts on Intel processor and is prepared for Windows 11

What type of hardware is in the device? Intel J4125 (processor). UHD-Graphics 600 (GPU). 8 B LPDDR4 (RAM). 512 GB M. 2 SATA-SSD (memory). Compatible with Windows 11. The Intel J4125 is one of the outright entry-level processors and is slowly taking a trip. However, it is easy for the majority of everyday jobs such as office or video streaming. The advantage is that the chip only has a TDP of 10 watts and for that reason only takes in very little electrical power. In addition, there is a small projector who has to do with as large as the real PC. For the projector alone, however, around 180 euros are also due. By the way, you can purchase the device and the projector on

great for the workplace, quite weak for gaming.

How usable is the gadget? Linus explains that the gadget has potential. The PC was not very large and if you just see YouTube videos and on top of that would do a little office, then the little thing would be enough for years.


Otherwise, the gadget is Type of Compelling, so rather convincing-unless you really want to begin playing. Linus just tests Counterstroke, but the video game doesn't look actually great, and it doesn't run truly smoothly. You can most likely picture what other video games appear like on this device. So you can not discover a genuine replacement for an effective desktop PC here. The projector is also fascinating and uses cool touch functions, but is otherwise quite weak, and the picture is rather bad. You shouldn't expect any work of arts from such a cheap device. Mini-PCs are no longer unusual: Various makers now use such little gadgets that assure enough performance for everyday life. Mobile chips are often utilized in such devices that can likewise be found in laptops. In regard to price, the gadgets are often between 150 and 500 euros. Mango editor Benedict Schliemann bought such a device, invested 350 euros and reveals why such a device could be worth it for you and your daily life:. My new PC is as huge as 2 apples and saves me 10 euros electrical energy costs on a monthly basis.


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