2Papan 14: Final Fantasy 14 V6.2 Update - Interview with Actozsoft on 10 Years of Highest Performance and Renewal

Actozsoft, which operates the Korean version of Final Fantasy 14 (hereinafter Japan 14), invited domestic media officials to update the V6.2 'Memory of Forbidden', which is scheduled to be updated on the 14th.

The V6.2 Forbidden Memory Update, which was first unveiled on the global server in August 2022, was expected to include new scenarios, new raids and instance dungeons, as well as 'pioneering uninhabited' contents that many domestic users have been looking forward to. It is also an update.

The interview, which was held at Actor Soft's headquarters in Jungle, Seoul, responded directly to the reporters' questions by attending Japan 14's Korean service. Since it was a place in just one year since the interview last February, it was a small meeting about the various offline events that have been held in the past year, and the story of various plans preparing for the year in 2023 I could hear it.

■ V6.2 `Memory of withdrawal 'Update, We will provide benefits and events to all new and return users Q. New update 6.2 In the memory of withdrawal, please briefly introduce what new contents are introduced.

In the 6.2 update, a lot of challenging contents such as the new radar dungeon, Ma's Hall Pandemonium: Purchase, and the New War, and the Fantasy Battle are added. The most prominent content is the 'Uninhabited Pioneering' Update, which is characterized by the fact that anyone can freely pioneer their own land, unlike the existing housing that could only be purchased by purchasing land. There are various enjoyment, such as collecting, cultivated, specialty production, facilities construction, and recreation with a little friend, and inviting friends to the island.


Q. There are a lot of users who are concerned about returning to the addition of uninhabited content pioneering content. Please introduce what events you are preparing for at the time of the 6.2 update release.

= As new types of content are introduced, many users are planning to return as well as new users. New users are also preparing for good rewards and events for returning users. More rewards will be provided than the previous ones, so if you are preparing to return, don't miss this point. You can confidently say that it will never be lacking compared to major events.

Q. What content you want to recommend this is what you want to challenge?

= I personally enjoy difficult content, so I want to play the purgatory raid. The number of users who enjoy raids of hero difficulty is increasing. The purgatory is never easy, but I want to tell those who have not yet experienced the raid to give new experiences and stimuli.

Even if you say 'Don't do it' here, it is clear that everyone will work hard (laughs). I hope you can enjoy uninhabited pioneering content.

In the 6.25 patch, which is soon added after application, there is a newly added content called 'Transformation Dungeon'. A total of 12 patterns appear, and the stories hidden in each pattern are all different. If you look at it, it contains a lot of touching content, so please enjoy various stories in the variant dungeon.

Q. When applying the Howl expansion pack, unlike the original concern, the service was smoothly service without any special connection problems. Please introduce what kind of measures you have prepared at the time and how you are preparing for this update.

= At the time of the global version of service, he was in distress in many ways, including preventing new joining. Since I have experienced once in advance, Square Enix shared several measures in advance. Because of this feedback, it seemed to have been distributed well without loading. Square Enix also helped to disperse by watching in real time when the Howl Expansion Pack was opened. I think the efforts of both companies were able to create optimized services.

This update also plans to allow users to enjoy them without inconvenience. In the early stages of the update, fantasy drugs cannot be used, and some measures will be taken. This was better than I thought. After stabilizing, the company plans to recover quickly.

Q. Recently, the global version and job balance-related updates are reflected in the global server. How do we plan to apply the domestic version?

= Korean server will be reflected as a version with a fix. Occupation balance also applies to the 6.28 update 6.2.

Q. I would like to know if the next offline event is scheduled to be invited by inviting users offline this year. If you have a specific plan, please share it.

= Isn't Korea an origin and power of esports? At the last two fan festivals, the event was held, and the utilization rate of the fist was quite low compared to the current rates. Nevertheless, it was going to be a natural event in Korea.

However, there is no consultation on what to do yet. I have a desire to proceed, so I want to tell you a message to wait. With the start of the Common Season 3, the relegation and penalty system will be improved, and the related contents will be updated. Currently, Chen is showing the most utilization rate, and he plans to prepare a lot of competitions.

Q. Many people enjoy the battlefield content of Japan 14 than I thought, and there are a lot of user disputes. If the sanctions are specified in detail, the dispute may be reduced. Now it seems that it is difficult to solve just by the story of 'Please enjoy it.'

= Inside is constantly making non-manner player sanctions and checking all reports directly. It is clear that sanctions are never ambiguous. Internal processing criteria are clearly established and are always sanctioned according to this standard. Usually sanctions are confirmed four times. I would like to say that the first, second, operating team leaders, and deputy chiefs and chiefs are sanctioned after agreement.

However, if the internal sanctions are revealed, there is a possibility that many people will be exploited in a subtle way that does not exceed those standards. Therefore, please understand that the sanctions are not clear. It is right that the most reporting is now on the battlefield, but now I think most of the lines should not be crossed. I hope you will play in between as much as possible.

■ Corona and 'Final Fantasy 14' that will change after Endemic Q. This is an interview in just one year after the last interview, which was held ahead of the release of Howl Expansion Pack. I am curious about the impressions that have been communicated with users for a long time, including last Letter Live, which was offline.

= It seems that time is flowing fast. The fan festival, which was held in 2022, tried to invite users directly, but it was unfortunate because of the influence of Corona. So in January, I invited about 150 users to run offline, and it was a great experience after a long time. The Corona situation is getting better, and I think it was a place to communicate with users naturally. I want to continue to make a place to communicate with users by holding a lot of events offline.

Q. Looking at the indicators released at Letter Live, the number of users seems to have increased. I wonder if there are some special preparations to continue the current flow.

Japan 14 is one of the most beloved MMORPGs in the world. I think it was possible to continue to be loved because it is a work that is steadily updated with good gameability. Personally, I think it's the most friendly game for new users.

Recently, there have been a number of new employees who joined the team, and all of them started Japan 14 as an extension of work, but they grew up with a lot of sprout support in the game, and now they have become a warrior of light. This positive growth structure is reflected in general users. It is the future direction to operate a good game that proves its work in Korean, not in foreign languages, and to enjoy the game itself.

Q. I wonder if there is a plan to provide additional events or contents that are not found on the global server so that domestic users can be attached to Korean services. At this time, there seems to be no clear difference except the PC room service.

= The biggest strength of Korean service is that you can enjoy Japan 14 in Korean. No matter how familiar foreign languages are familiar, I don't think I can feel immersive beyond my native language. I hope you will know that it is never simple to work with a Japanese company that is known for IP management and localize in Korean.

It is true that PC room services are being provided as a distinction from global server. In the global version, it offers special rewards that are difficult to obtain and operates as a differentiated service. For global users who envy Korea's unique distinction, 'Dog Stone Event' was created.

This year, we will introduce the first item that will be released for the first time in Korea service.


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