4 banner in Genshin Impact ings Hu Tao or Yelan: Which is the Best Pick?

The first stage of the 3.4 version of Genshin Impact version was marked by the introduction of al-Haytham and the return of Xiao. This time, the highlight will be in the Verdun of two characters that the community awaited, HU Tao and Elan, two popular heroines that compete for the best secondary DPS post, respectively. The duo acts very well together and frequently appears in the same team for the synergy of each other.

Banners Feuary:

HU Tao vs plan: What is the best option?

hu tao is a five-star pro and spear user.


The character is classified as tier s, and is considered the best DPS in RPG for its combat skills. It is a strong single target DPS and its skills allow it to inflict damage in short periods. The character is a hypercarry, that is, not very dependent on allies, being able to autosustent in clashes due to his kit. For example, when the HP is below 50%, it will receive pro damage bonus, it is noteworthy that its supreme still comes with a cure enough not to make it dependent on a healer, survive and use the Pro bonus. However, even with so many advantages, duo is not a simple character to manage. Its mechanics are not the easiest, and it is worth handling it with excellence. The player must be aware of Pro's HP, as a strategy of waiting for him to reach less than 50% to receive a buff tends to make him so vulnerable.


Elan is a five star archer of Hydro vision. In teams, it assumes the position of secondary DPS and assists the main with its talents, which can fill the inactivity period of the partner. In addition, it fits well with most teams that need the Hydro element because it has synergy with many characters. It has a hydro application even off the field, valuing elemental reactions. It has a high damage and can grant buffs to allies. The character can be classified as one of the best secondary DPs in RPG. HELEN demands high energy recharge, but this challenge can be resolved with specific builds, equipping it to reduce this requirement. For example, position it in a team with Xingu. Although Elan carries many advantages, she may lose in certain aspects compared to other Hydro characters.


HU Tao and Elan are characters of different weapons, functions and elements. Certain players can find it easier to deal with Elan's mechanics than HU Tao's.

Overall, it can be said that duo is a more favorable option for experienced players, because they will need to deal with more complex combos, cancellations and movements that will possibly require a newcomer to the game. In addition, Hydro has the advantage of having more economical weapons, which makes it simpler the assembly of its build. Another criterion to be taken into consideration is the balance of the team. If you need a DPS strong enough to carry almost alone, duo is by far the best option. However, if you prefer to explore the four team members, no matter how powerful Elan is, it does not make the hypercarry type and will allow the player to use the allies equally. HU Tao can present the ideal choice for the most experienced and lacking a powerful DPS. Otherwise, overall, Elan is the best choice.


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