Complete the Secondary Mission in Dead Space Remake - Experience the Fear of Space Horror Again!

Dead Space Remake has not only physically rebuilt the fascinating space of space horror from scratch, but also greatly expanded the tradition that built its captivating and terrifying story. With the ability to explore now the USG Chimera from beginning to end, there are a lot of secondary missions to make players the opportunity to truly experience the game at a completely new level. One of those additional secondary missions is called scientific methods, which leads you more deeply to the personal history of Nicole and Isaac's relationship. A little search is needed to complete it, so we investigate how to overcome the secondary mission Whole Again Achievement in Dead Space Remake.

What is the secondary mission of scientific methods in Dead Space Remake?

The secondary mission of Scientific Methods deepens the period in which the relationship of the protagonist was already under immense tension, and how exactly it fell apart when Nicole investigated the origin of the mesomorph outbreak. That said, does not imply any objective related to battle. Rather, it simply assigns the task of recovering the necessary audio and visual records throughout the game that unite the story. Once you get all records, you will get the Whole Again achievement/trophy. Keep in mind that all secondary missions can be traced at any time in the third tab of your RIG, so be sure to consult every time a mission like this receives an update. You can manually select a secondary mission to track your main missions, and your pointer will change from blue to orange to indicate this. In addition, although this secondary mission can be initiated from Chapter 2: Intensive care when explored for the first time, the medical wing can still be resumed at any time before the point of no return in Chapter 11: Alternative solutions.

Start of the secondary mission-Audio registration in Nicole's office-Chapter 2: Intensive care

Image Source: Motive Studios through To start, go to the first floor of the medical wing and enter Nicole's office, as shown on the RIG from above. On your desk, take the audio record called Nicole registration and listen to me. Nicole talks about her crew partner Harris, who was exposed to the scoreboard located in Aegis VII. She points out that while her condition has shown improvement thanks to her treatments, Dr. Mercer intends to get Harris out of her care due to the religious significance of this condition. Of course, this refers to the biology, a religious sect that arose after the initial discovery of the marker. After listening to this record, you can trace the Rig firm of Nicole through the ship. Image Source: Motive Studios through

Visual log in emergency room-Chapter 2: Intensive care

Image Source: Motive Studios through To locate the first record you will have to complete the mission, go more to the medical wing until you find the emergency room. Here you will find a holographic recording of Nicole struggling with a patient and supplicating help in medicine. She expresses her frustrations with the growing number of patients and the lack of communication by the leadership of what is causing it. Near the end of the recording, it is directed towards a corner with a closed shower cabin. This is where you should go next. Image Source: Motive Studios through To access the closed shower, you should simply redirect the energy of the nearby circuit switch from the room lights to the shower. From here, use kinesis to open the shower door and reveal a secret room where Nicole once hid the patients away from the indiscreet looks of the biologists. Here you will find an audio record to listen to the next step. Nicole reports that he found a body to perform a necessary autopsy to get more information about the mesomorph threat. Image Source: Motive Studios through

Visual log in Engineering-Chapter 3: Right correction

Image Source: Motive Studios through

For this next record, you must advance in the main story to Chapter 3: Right correction and get access to engineering. Once there, go to the machine store on the third level and then to the calibration room. Inside you will find another holographic recording of Nicole performing the autopsy mentioned in the previous recording.


With the desire to get more information, Nicole intends to find Dr. Kane to ask about recent events in Mining Deck that could be related. The end of the recording will unlock the next step.

Audio registration in Keynes hiding place-Chapter 7: Towards the vacuum

Image Source: Motive Studios through The next step will come once you reach the mining wing in Chapter 7: Towards the void. Once there, go to the second floor of the area and then go to safe storage, as seen above (Note: the RIG map calls it equipment supply). From here, at the end of the corridor there is a disjunct that will unlock the doors of the area. To infiltrate you in Keynes's hiding place, you must redirect power to storage 2. Inside you will find an audio record sitting in the nearby bed. Playing it will reveal that Keynes tells Nicole to look for Dr. Mercer's rooms on the crew cover. Once finished, the next step begins. Image Source: Motive Studios through

Visual log in Dr. Mercers Quarters-Chapter 10: End of the days

Image Source: Motive Studios through The last step of the mission scientific methods remains blocked until it has reached chapter 10: the end of the days, when the crew cover becomes an accessible area. Once you have reached that point, the main mission will give you the task of destroying the tendrils that block the passage through that area of the ship. When you reach the third floor of the area where the second tendril is, you will want to go to the guest consulting suite. After Isaac experiences a hallucination of Nicole, continues towards the room at the other end of the suite until you see your final destination: Dr. Mercer's rooms. Image Source: Motive Studios through Inside, you will find a computer with which you can interact.

A holographic recording will be reproduced, where we see Mercer with the intention of using Nicole's research on mesomorphs to advance the development of his indestructible hunter experiment. Of course, we all know how fun it is to run into a hunter. Once this holograbation ends, the scientific methods the secondary mission is complete, and the Whole Again trophy/achievement will unlock. We hope this guide has been useful in its exploration of the USG Chimera in Dead Space Remake. Feel free to leave a comment about what has enjoyed the game so far, and be sure to consult our other guides for everything related to Dead Space Remake. Related Posts Dead Space remake faithfully recreates the most iconic trailer of the original game How to overcome the Secondary Mission of Complete Liquidation at Dead Space Remake 10 games like Dead Space remake if you are looking for something similar All the locations of the security doors at Dead Space Remake How to get Sea Shanty audio record at Dead Space Remake


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