Discover Gryffindor's Exclusive Mission in Hogwarts Legacy: The Search for Lost Pages - Choose Your House Wisely!

Hogwarts Heritage has inquiries to define which residence you will certainly be selected in. But if you differ, you can pick your fave in the selector hat. The option of home influences very little on the video game and also the influence on the primary tale is zero. The primary change is that each residence has a little unique mission.


Looking for the lost pages of Fig's publication, Gryffindor, Rick, Huffleplace and Slytherin will have various methods to satisfy Richard Jackdaw. After finding the ghost (each home in its own way), the quest will proceed the very same for all. In this guide we show the quest The Search for Lost Pages The Unique Objective of Gryffindor! This is considered a middle ground amongst the special missions, as it is a lot more fun than that of the rule, however it does not have a memorable area about the huffy.

Exclusive Gryffindor Objective: The Search for Lost Pages

Recoup the ruined riding

This mission will take you through Hogwarts kitchen areas. Follow Nick practically ainless to the secret door as well as please the pear to open up the passage. Inside, bear in mind to grab the leaf guide at the end of the room, really near to the popular item of ruined meat. A domestic elf will show up, however absolutely nothing relevant to the goal of the goal.

Return to Nick, who will take you to the castle cemetery. There, keep in mind to take the additional mission Ghost of Our Love, which occurs in the prohibited forest.

Damage the pumpkins to find the head

After a little discussion, you will certainly have the task of finding a covert head in a garden packed with pumpkins. To know which one to point out, it is extremely easy, simply situate the one that is composing from right to left, as you can see in the video clip on top of the article. Each time the best pumpkin is destroyed, the ghost goes to conceal in other places. By following it whatsoever speed, you can directly identify which pumpkin to damage. Repeat the procedure 5 times and all set, is already ended up. After discovering the ghost's head and also speaking to him, the exclusive goal of the Gryffindor will certainly end. The next meeting with Richard Jackdaw in the prohibited woodland occurs with the four houses and from there the quest is exactly the same for all of them.


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