Gamestop Closures: Is The End Of Retail Gaming Near?

This is reported by the German-speaking colleagues from Gameswirtschaft, who for the very first time reported on January 16, 2023, that GameStop wishes to lower his organization in Germany.

Nearly half of the nationwide branches are apparently affected by the wave of closure.

A growing number of video games are being purchased digitally while the significance of retail is vanishing. GameStop likewise feels this and apparently prepares to close countless branches in Germany.

GameStop: Hamburg and Berlin particularly impacted

Some major cities, such as Berlin or Hamburg, are particularly impacted. Four branches are to be closed in the federal capital while there are 3 in Hamburg. There are two closings according to the list in Essen, Frankfurt am Main, Gelsenkirchen, Cologne, Leipzig, Neuss and Nuremberg. You can learn whether the Gameswirtschaft coworkers likewise near to your GameStop place.

Formally, there is no declaration on the closings. However, it is clear that the United States company does not wish to withdraw completely from Germany a minimum of for the time being, however its offer is massively reduced. Games management reports, pointing out details from remarks and your own research that according to the present status, 80 branches ought to be closed by April.

There you can likewise report if the GameStop branch closes or stays on site, but has actually not yet been represented on the list. According to the details, the introduction should be updated progressively.

online trading as a further opportunity

In the future, GameStop prepares to take another technique and focus more by itself online shop. In addition to the sale of games and other things, digital benefit content need to likewise keep consumers on the rack. It remains to be seen whether this will work, because after all, the company needs to also complete versus strong competition. There is presently very little to be felt of the former high-rise of the GameStop share, cheered on by the Reddit Neighborhood Wallstreetbets.

If the branch closures at this height are really implemented, it can be seen that GameStop still has a tough time after a modification of offer to get enough walk-in customers on board.


For some time now, the retail chain has significantly depend on the sale of computer game and rather focused on hardware and devices for consoles, along with trading cards and Funk pop figures.


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