Genshin Impact 3.4: What Are The Ascension Materials Needed To Ascend Your Yelan Bank Characters?

With Yen Encarta returning to Genshin Impact 3.4, most likely you are wondering what ascension materials you will need to push them beyond their current maximum level. In most cases, these materials are grouped by their element, that is, the element associated with that character, and in the case of Elan, here is the same.

Ascension materials of the Elan character

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Ascension 1-level 20

  • 1 Laura splinter of caroused
  • 3 snails
  • 3 recruit badges
  • 20,000 blackberries

Ascension 2-level 40

  • 3 Fragments of Canada Laura
  • 2 Runic Fang
  • 10-star snail
  • 15 recruit badges
  • 40,000 blackberries

Ascension 3-level 50

  • 6 Fragments of Canada Laura
  • 4 Runic Fang
  • 20-star snails
  • 12 Sergeant badges
  • 60,000 blackberries

Ascension 4-level 60

  • 3 pieces of Laura de Varunada
  • 8 Runic Fang
  • 30-star snail
  • 18 Sergeant badges
  • 80,000 blackberries

Ascension 5-level 70

  • 6 pieces of Laura de Varunada
  • 12 Runic Fang
  • 45-star snail
  • 12 Lieutenant Bad
  • 100,000 blackberries

Ascension 6-level 80

  • 6 precious stones Canada Laura
  • 20 Runic Fang
  • 60-star snail
  • 24 Lieutenant Bad
  • 120,000 blackberries Having the previous amounts of each material will allow you to take up to Ascension 6.


How to get Runic Fangs

You can get Runic Fangs by beating Ruin Serpent Level 30 or higher chiefs in the Chasm area. This requires that you unlock the Chasm area by completing the surreptitious world mission Seal Sundering. While this is the only place where Runic Fangs can get, Ruin Serpent reappears rapidly, so it can repeatedly grow every five minutes or so.

How to get star snails

Star Coaches is a very common resource that is found throughout the coast of Life. There is a lot around the coast of Yaobang Shoal and Mingus Village, as well as some south of Star glow Cave. Some also appear on the islands around the Yuyun stone forest, but you can generally eliminate all the spawns of Star Coaches quite quickly. Star Conch locations in Genshin Impact | Image Source: Gen shin Interactive Map There are a total of 77-Star Conch engender throughout the Genshin Impact Map, but keep in mind that these only reappear every 48 hours, so if you still have none, it will take approximately one week to get the amount required to complete the rise of ELAN. You can consult all Star Conch locations, courtesy of Gen shin Interactive Map.

Elan talent materials

Level 2

  • 3 teachings of prosperity
  • 6 recruit badges
  • 12,500 blackberries

Level 3

  • 2 Guide for prosperity
  • 3 Sergeant badges
  • 17,500 Moral

Level 4

  • 4 Guide for prosperity
  • 4 Sergeant badges
  • 25,000 blackberries

Level 5

  • 6 Guide for prosperity
  • 6 Sergeant badges
  • 30,000 blackberries

Level 6

  • 9 Guide for prosperity
  • 9 Sergeant Badge
  • 37,500 Moral

Level 7

  • 4 Philosophies of prosperity
  • 4 Lieutenant Bad
  • 1 gold scale
  • 1200,000 blackberries

Level 8

  • 6 Philosophies of prosperity
  • 6 Lieutenant badges
  • 1 gold scale
  • 260,000 blackberries

Level 9

  • 12 Philosophies of prosperity
  • 12 Lieutenant Bad
  • 2 golden scales
  • 450,000 blackberries

Level 10

  • 16 Philosophies of prosperity
  • 12 Lieutenant Bad
  • 2 golden scales
  • 1 Crown of insight
  • 700,000 blackberries

How to ascend and have in Genshin Impact

  • Increase ELAN at its maximum level.
  • Select character on the menu screen.
  • Go to attributes and press Circle in PlayStation or click on the option Ascend in the lower right corner of the screen.
  • The necessary materials will appear to ascend to the next level, as well as the increases of statistics that they will obtain. Confirms that you want to spend the materials to complete the ascent. That is all you need to know about what are the ascension materials of Elan Genshin Impact.

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