Get Ready for Vinyl to Come this Holiday Season!

It's bugs! Is a sort of sonic weapon packed with the next video game. An earworm, if you want. Good news if this kind of self-immolanant musical war is interested! A vinyl is available as a pre-order, graciousness of IAM8BIT! We will have several months to prepare for your arrival, unless you count the digital streaming version now. In this case, I'm sorry.

It is completely too late for you once you have clicked on this link. The song is quite contagious, that's what I'm going to originate from. This makes sense, originating from a video game where the characters can capture a literal case of sausage fingers by eating the right pest/ food... Animal. Computer game! Bugs, if you are still not mindful, talks about an island filled with ambulatory food that changes the one who consumes it. Not permanently, I suppose, unless the story takes a much darker tone than the trailer. The said trailer is integrated listed below, that includes the abovementioned fanciful body horror.


The video game arrives at PS4 and PS5, as well as on Impressive Games Shop. What much better method to teach your offspring the dangers of consuming unusual insects? Aside from the very great time that everybody in this world seems to have. Just a total surge, alter your fists into normal size hamburgers.


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