Headshots No Longer Guaranteed with Censal Ammunition in Secret Patch

Phone call of Obligation: War zone 2.0 and Call of Obligation: Modern War 2 had an extreme change in the precision rifles, which did not eliminate one shot.


This seemed to have altered at the beginning of period two, yet everything went back to regular. Snipers merely don't kill with a headshot.

Precision rifles are no more reliable in War zone 2.0

After a couple of days with the accuracy rifles with dangerous shots, the developers applied a spot by remedying this point. It was possible to eliminate adversaries with a solitary shot in the head, even with 3 armor plates thanks to the incendiary ammo that obviously profited from a little lover. It was not counting a stealthy spot that was executed to nerf these renowned incendiary ammo, and also the popular Streamer and also ModernWarzone leak did not hide its discontentment on social networks. According to him, this adjustment was the excellent goal for precision rifles, with the loss of speed of the projectile and the increase of the projectile loss needed to reach a distance head fired with incendiary projectiles. Hereafter adjustment, ModernWarzone is not the only one to obtain disgruntled, as Styron, the well-known player and banner of Telephone call of Responsibility for many years, also made it clear that this alteration made no feeling.


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