Unlock the Astral Soul Dealer Look in WoW: Dragon Flight - Collect Special Transmog Items with the Pet Luminous Signal of the Soul Merchant!

Via the pet dog luminescent signal of the spirit vendor, players can gather special transmit things in WoW: Dragon Flight with which they make their personality appear like an astral heart dealership.


When defeating challengers of celestial finance, the pet dog gathers what can be exchanged for the specific transmit things that look like organizations. This unique pet dog is just available through the Warcraft trading card game or with luck for a lot of gold over the public auction house. This need to consist of among the rarest transmit sets in the game.

heart dealer products currently transmit

  • Headband of the heart supplier
  • Boots of the soul dealership
  • Gloves of the heart supplier
  • Shoulder pieces of the spirit supplier
  • Bonds of the spirit dealer
  • Belt of the soul supplier With the opportunity of being able to transmit ch white and also gray objects, the transmit guidelines are chilled out for an increasing number of products. The feature was introduced with patch 10.0.5 from WoW (acquire now): Dragon Flight as well as opens up a new world. Very few gamers will certainly gain from the adjustment for the Seelenhänder collection. However, it is not excluded that special items such as the unique transmit set will eventually be available as a Twitch decline or using the trading placement. The programmers do not stop at how you can see utilizing the instance of the adversary's kite because even in front of unusual Warcraft TCG cards. What special things would you like to be able to transmit or do you desire to see in the trading placement? Like to compose us in the remarks. Source | Towhead To web page Sebastian Glazer


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