Guarantee Successful Fatal Attacks Every Time in WO Long: Fallen Dynasty - Tips and Strategies for Winning Battles and Meetings

Each battle and meeting in a game like TO Long: Fallen Dynasty can be difficult. For anyone who is not well versed in time and in taking risks, it can be difficult to deal with the most challenging enemies of the game. However, that does not mean that there is no great equalizer to help. If you are waiting for a method to ensure successful fatal blows every time in TO Long: Fallen Dynasty lo we have covered.

Fatal blows in TO Long: Fallen Dynasty

In TO Long: Fallen Dynasty, the fatal strikes can be classified into two types, one during combat and one against an unsuspecting enemy, and we will see what they should do to achieve both with a greater degree of success.


Fatal blows against an unsuspecting enemy in TO Long: Fallen Dynasty

This is the best way to start a battle, especially against multiple enemies and when you have no distance options. The key aspect of this is to avoid being noticed by the enemy, either coming from behind or side, or from above. Image Source: Goa Team through The easiest method is the last, where you can simply jump and press triangle or and to execute a fatal blow. Be sure to always be looking for ways to overcome your goals and use high climbing structures. Keep in mind that fatal blows from above tend to cause less damage. As for the other methods, the key is to master time and close the distance quickly to its goal. The objectives that patrol will follow an established route, turning your back at a point so that it is easier for you to quietly approach them. However, instead of simply slightly push the lever to move slowly, do it and press jump at the same time. Image Source: Goa Team through The enemy does not realize that a hero jumps behind him, and this makes it extremely easy to approach him and execute a powerful fatal blow.

Just make sure you do not break any object on your way there, or they will become aware of your presence.

Fatal blows during combat in TO Long: Fallen Dynasty

If the combat is inevitable, you still have a reliable way to distribute pain in TO Long: Fallen Dynasty. What is more important is to exhaust the spirit of your enemy, which comes with diverting their attacks and making use of martial arts and spiritual attacks to reduce their willpower. Once its limit is reached, they will stumble and shine in red. Image Source: Goa Team through Now, close the gap and press the same button to run a fatal striking and harmful strike, which could end your life instantly. This is also the key to overcome most chiefs of the game, since normal attacks simply do not have the same power. With our method of making a fatal successful Strikes every time in TO Long: Fallen Dynasty, you should have a lot of confidence in the face of your next meeting. To get more help like this on the game, see the guides below or search DLPRIVATOSERVER for more specific consultations. Related Posts All sorcery spells in TO Long: Fallen Dynasty How to update Dragons Cure Pot to cure more health in TO Long: Fallen Dynasty All divine beasts in TO Long: Fallen Dynasty How to update weapons and armor in TO Long: Fallen Dynasty How to demand revenge in TO Long: Fallen Dynasty (just trial)


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