How to Create the Ultimate Madden 23 Lineup?

Madden 23 is a famous football video game series that allows players to customize their teams and compete against each other. Building the ultimate Madden 23 lineup is a top goal for many players. This guide will show you how to create the ultimate Madden lineup with the fastest players at every position.

Step 1: Pick the Fastest Player at Each Position

The first step in creating the ultimate Madden lineup is to pick the fastest player at each position. To do this, you must look at each player's stats and decide which player is the fastest. Focusing on your decision's speed, agility, and acceleration stats would be best.

Step 2: Get the NFL Combine Strategy Card

Once you have picked the fastest players for each position, you should get the NFL Combine Strategy Card. This card will give you the combinplayerch of the players in your lineup, such as their strength, jumping, agility, change of direction, speed, power, move acceleration, and block shed stats. On average, you should have 98 speed at the skill positions.

Step 3: Pick the Most Expensive Players

The next step is to pick the most expensive players in the game. This will help you create a team with the highest overall rating. For example, you should pick the most paperback in the game, such as RG3, who ran a 4.3 in the combine. He should have 98 agility, 97 speed, and maxed-out acceleration with maxed-out throw power. 

Step 4: Get the Fastest Running Back

Another critical position is the running back. The fastest card in the game is the 1.5 million coin card, CJ2K (Chris Johnson). He has maxed out acceleration, and animation, as well as 88 catches. He also has 99 change of direction, 97 break tackle, 96 jumping, and 98 juking with 96 spins. He should also have abilities such as a mysterious, human-joined tank that will help him break tackles and evade defenders.

Step 5: Pick the Fastest Receivers

The last step is to pick the fastest receivers. You should pick players like Scary Terry, Julio Jones and Christian Watson. These players should have 90-98 speed, 99 acceleration, and 99 jumpings. They should also have abilities such as serious threat, red zone threat, and mid-range.

Step 6: Pick the Fastest Defensive Players

Finally, you should pick the fastest defensive players. This includes players like Leon Sandcastle, Tariq Woolen, and Budda Baker. These players should have 97 agility, 99 speed, and maxed-out acceleration. You should also pick the most expensive players, such as Bosa, Mario Williams, and Brian Breezy.


Creating the ultimate Madden lineup is a fun and challenging task. Following the steps outlined in this guide, you can create a team of the fastest players in the game and compete against the best in the world. Good luck, and have fun!


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